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I blog about my upcoming releases, all sorts of other books, and other bits of fluff from my mind. I also have a passion for wildlife and the environment. Every now and then I also share poems and stories.

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Blind Sight - Nicole Storey

I received this book in return for an honest review.

This has to be one of the best stories I've read in a long while.

Where the worlds of angels and demons collide, humans are stuck in the middle.

One family in particular feels the pressures pouring in from both sides; ordered around by arrogant, and often sociopathic angels and hunted by tricky demons that seem to be behaving strangely civilly, this family has more history and heartache on its shoulders than most.

In this family survives a vibrant and, lets face it, kick ass young girl called Jordan.

Jordan is a girl like no other, possessed with a 'gift' that others see as valuable she is kept 'safe' and is unintentionally isolated from what's left of her family.

Things change when a particularly nasty demon comes to town and Jordan is allowed to help, but things don't quite go according to plan.
Now a family history that has always been tumultuous is about to boil over and spill secrets that could potentially tear the fragile little family apart indefinitely.

Oh, and then there is of course the demon to deal with.