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Blue Fire and Ice review ***

This is a simple and innocent story containing simple and innocent people. It concerns three different tribes who will have to overcome their differences to defeat a common enemy.
The enemy in this case being a mystery flame haired woman from overseas who is hell bent on their destruction, starting with the fussy little Beadles.
However, despite the fact that no-one in any of the lands can recognise the mystery woman, she seems to have some kind of connection with one of the muddles, and the mystery deepens.
The Beadles are lost and confused when unquenchable fires start to break out. They Don’t know who would do such and thing and they began to turn to their neighbours for help. But their only immediate help came from the Muddle tribe, a disorganised group, who could never quite seem to keep their minds or bodies together.
This story wasn’t action packed, which I can forgive, but it was also a tad slow.
I personally found it a bit dull in places, but others might think differently. Overall it was a sweet story and would be ok for younger readers. 
The characters are simple and very nice, in a twee sort of way, with a bit of an Alice in Wonderlandish quality about them, especially with the muddles and their interchangeable limbs.
Personally I wasn’t hooked and it took me a while to read; maybe it’s a book to be read out loud to someone else. 
There are some things that irked me in this book. One was the author’s tendency to repeat himself, both with words and sometimes whole sentences. 
Also the layout of the sections when jumping between actions shots was a bit disjointed, they could have done with blending together better.
Not to mention the enigma of this mystery women who is the cause of all the trouble; she’s a bit like Wiley Coyote, trying to destroy something for no apparent reason other than some irrational prejudice.
I also didn’t really get the significance of this “connection” that certain members of the group had to.
I’m not even sure what they had a connection too, was it the fire, or the ice? Perhaps it was another guardian altogether… I’m not really sure. As I said, it could have been explained better.