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I blog about my upcoming releases, all sorts of other books, and other bits of fluff from my mind. I also have a passion for wildlife and the environment. Every now and then I also share poems and stories.

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My first Zombie book (I dream of Zombies by Vickie Johnstone)

I Dream of Zombies - Vickie Johnstone


This is my first zombie book so other than the obvious necessary element of zombies I had next to no idea what to expect.

It follows a very capable young woman called Marla and her sister Ellen as they attempt to escape a sudden out break of a mysterious virus.

Through a series of horrific dreams they are among the first to realise that something evil was on the horizon, yet no-one can tell them what’s going on or how they can get help.

When their dreams start to become reality they band together with those who were lucky enough to survive in an attempt to find somewhere safe.

Eventually they find vague pointers to a possible safe haven, yet none can tell whether the place is real or has already been compromised, but with the walking dead and opportunistic gang members baying for blood it gave the mismatched group a hope to cling to.

As this is the first in the series not all questions are answered, I would be very interested to see why it started with a dream, and is it all as Marla suspected, some government experiment gone awry?