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Mungai and the Goa Constrictor Review.

Mungai and the Goa Constrictor - A E Curzon


Deep in the jungle lurks a lazy, manipulative enigma that seems to have a certain appeal.
Meet Mungai, the mysterious animal fresh from the Jungle with a large agenda and a pocket full of empty promises.
Mungai uses persuasion and manipulation to get his fellow critters to help improve his own life, whilst making them think that they were improving their own.
This is a cautionary tale about a group of animals duped into servitude by the mysterious Mungai who convinces them that in order to have a better life they need to make the things they want.
In their search for the better life they almost destroy the lives and homes they have.
Too late do they realise that they have been duped and they have to quickly find out who to trust in order to bring Mungai and his accomplices to justice.

The review

I found this to be an easy read full of fun characters and crazy schemes. I loved everything from the society of animals to the lives in the jungle.
The only thing I would change is to eradicate the presence of the two legs (humans). There were two legs that were villains, two legs that helped and some two legs who started out villainous and turned out not to be so.
Whereas I liked the villainous two legs I would have preferred the animals to have worked themselves out of the situation without any help from the humans.
Although I can see why the author did this as it enabled her to write about conservation efforts and the importance of habitat, which I think is largely why the author wrote this book the way she did.
I can see from these pages that here is a woman with a passion for animals, nature and conservation.

Would recommend to- those who wished to teach their child about nature and conservation and anyone who is an animal lover.