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I blog about my upcoming releases, all sorts of other books, and other bits of fluff from my mind. I also have a passion for wildlife and the environment. Every now and then I also share poems and stories.

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Jake by Michael Cargill

Jake - Michael Cargill

I read most of this thinking; here's a nice teenage boy going through life, not much happening, just about a normal kid living his life and fluffing stuff up like any normal kid, but still it's well told.

I didn't get too bored, it was a nice story I could dip in and out of.

3/4 of the way through and things are much the same, life's looking up for him, I'm pleased for Jake, but still not certain if anything's going to happen.

Then Wham.

Right at the end his world is turned flippedy upside down and it's heartbreaking.

I finished this book and couldn't do anything else but sulk for about half an hour because I was so upset.

I had to go for a walk and muck out the rabbits.