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I blog about my upcoming releases, all sorts of other books, and other bits of fluff from my mind. I also have a passion for wildlife and the environment. Every now and then I also share poems and stories.

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The Long War
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The Whale Whisperers of Ensorclea (The Whale Whisperers Saga) - Ed Drury, Nancy Lee Parish

This was one of those books that took you on a journey. Before I knew it I was half way through.
I was introduced to a whole new world with ease and skill. Ed Drury is very rare in that he is able to create a believable world, people and history without info dumping.

The world felt so real it left me feeling that I could visit it and I feel slightly disappointed that I can't.
The story follows two races; one a peace loving tribe, who commune with their 'ancestors' and live from what nature provides, the other a sprawling and materialistic empire that is now slowly sinking into decay.

When internal struggles and a quiet war strikes the empire the two worlds collide.

In an interesting twist it is the empire that has to seek help from tribesman, but can the two worlds integrate or see eye to eye?
There are many rumblings and struggles in this book that are very subtle yet very compelling.
I look forward to reading more and learning more about the tribesmen, specifically Tsabai and Rawrk.