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Ty the Bull (The ultimate anti-bullying book)

Ty the Bull - Brenda Perlin, K.D. Emerson, Rex Baughman

I’m finding it hard to write this review as it’s such a personal tale. It’s based loosely on experiences of Rex, the young man who illustrated this book and  who has found himself the victim of bullies.

He has bravely rallied round to speak out in the hopes of reaching out to others.

If only for that reason this book deserves all the stars available.

This tale follows a young boy named Ty, I think many will be able to get behind the plight of young Ty, who could never figure out what made him so different to all the other kids.

This is a very short but very poignant tale.  Anyone who has been bullied or knows someone who is being bullied should read this as a reminder that you’re not alone and it can get better.

Moving away from the message of the book I think this is well written and, considering it’s length, it’s a well rounded tale.

Adults and children will enjoy this, and they already have.


I award this Five Cups of Tea!